The NBA Will Be Improving the VR Experience for Fans

The NBA did whatever it could to stay on top of the pandemic. From a Bubble format to improved camera angles, to a VR fan experience of sitting court side, commissioner Adam Silver was open to any and all ideas and the NBA executed a solid plan. 

Turns out there's more to come including a 5G reality experience and holographic interviews.

NBA Deputy Commissioner, Mark Tatum recently spoke with the media, and had this to say on what's next for the NBA and virtual reality:

I think that is one of those opportunities that we're just scratching the surface on right now. As bandwidth speeds get faster, as 5G gets faster, that experience is going to become more immersive, and I do think the opportunities will then grow for people to want to experience that and to adapt to virtual reality.

There's been discussions around having 'VR Seating' to give the viewers at home the same experience as Spike Lee sitting court side at the Knicks game.  

Look for the NBA to make an announcement on the matter sometime before December 22nd, which is their latest target date to start next season.
Photo credit: Martin Cole/DPPI/Icon Sportswire