NBA Provides Update on New Playoff Format

The NBA continues to work itself out, as the league tries to get next season started in December. While it appears to be a logistical nightmare, as decisions are being based on the influence of the pandemic and the owners pocket books, some details have been confirmed for next year's playoffs.

According to Woj of ESPN, look for a play-in style format for the bottom two seeds in each conference:

  • Number 7 vs Number 8 - winner is into playoffs, loser plays winner of 9 vs 10
  • Number 9 vs Number 10 - winner plays loser of 7 vs 8, loser goes home
With a shortened season, this is one way to give the 'bubble' teams a chance at making the playoffs, and seems like a fair option moving forward, considering this could be the norm for a few more seasons.

The mini-tournament would also give the NBA another chance to generate some revenue, which seems to be one of the biggest concerns at the moment. The pandemic has cost the league hundreds of millions, so if this tournament means it's going to help the league, no complaints here!

Photo credit: Martin Cole/DPPI/Icon Sportswire