Dallas Mavericks Trade Deadline Plans Revealed

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a man of the people and recently he was a guest on the 'Mavs Step Back' podcast and was discussing his team's plan for the trade deadline.

There's been a ton of reports surfacing regarding the team's intentions including the potential of trading Kristaps Porzingis. While Cuban had denied the reports from the moment they surfaced, the noise continued and more and more info was being shared around the basketball world.

Cuban loves making deals and he's always looking to improve his basketball team. But, don't expect to see the Mavericks making any small moves as we approach next week's deadline. If Dallas is going to make a trade it will be for a superstar who moves the needle for his ball club:

Unless it's a game-changing star, I don’t see us doing anything at all. So, if someone decides they’re blowing it up OK, then we’ll talk to anybody about any great player. If it’s just ‘OK we’ll trade this guy for that guy’ and it’s not really going to move the needle, I’d rather go with continuity.

It takes somebody really special, you know, where it was like ‘I can’t believe they traded that guy’ for us to trade pretty much anybody, right? Because we’re going well.

Here's the full interview...how many other teams can say their owner goes on a small podcast like this to talk about his team:

Photo credit:  © Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


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