Jazz Rudy Gobert Takes the Blame After Horrible Mistake Cost the Game

The Utah Jazz lost on Monday night to the Minnesota Timberwolves and if you ask Jazz center Rudy Gobert, he'll admit it was his f*** up that led directly to the loss.

Gobert took full responsibility for the late-game miscue where T-Wolves guard D'Angelo Russell was given an open layup to win the game. Gobert met with the media after the embarrassing loss and had this to say:

If I don't f--- up the last play defensively, we end up with a win. It's totally on me. (Mike Conley) was already out there. We switched, and I should have recognized that. He did what he was supposed to do, and I didn't, so 200% on me. ... Mike did exactly what he had to do, and I didn't. It's one of those plays, when you watch a replay, you just feel dumb. It's one of those. It doesn't happen a lot, but 100% on me, for sure.

Have to love his class for taking accountability for the mistake and to owning up to it. Don't see that as much these days from the NBA. The Jazz had a chance to get off a final shot but failed to do so on the ensuing possession.

For such a strong team in the Western Conference the Jazz couldn't handle the Timberwolves this season as Minnesota won all three matchups. It's a good thing they will avoid them come playoff time.

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