Los Angeles Lakers Admit They're Starting From Zero

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to have a lot to learn these next few weeks as we approach the playoffs. With injuries, fresh faces and a will to want to repeat as champions, the Lakers have a ton of work to do to get everyone on the same page for the postseason. As star forward Anthony Davis mentions, the team is basically starting at zero.

Davis via ESPN's Dave McMenamin had this to say following his 30-game absence:

It's like you're starting over with the guys and just trying to find a connection with these guys again. So, it's like we're starting from zero, which is tough so late in the season. We've got to be able to get some wins. ... Orlando and D.C. are must-wins for us, for sure. You've got to try and figure it out on the fly, which we're going to have to do.

"You've got to try and figure it out on the fly," Davis added, "which we're going to have to do."

Davis appeared rusty in his return which is typical but the big test for the Lakers is going to come when LeBron James returns to the court. Point-guard Dennis Schroder also chimed in about the team's chemistry and had this to say about what to expect once everyone is healthy:

We're going to talk about it. I think when Bron comes back, we're going to have a conversation as a team. Because our chemistry, like AD said, off the court, is great. But on the court, we just got to turn it up some more.

Sounds like the Lakers have some work to do. If there's one team to never count out, it's the one with LeBron James leading the way.

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