Report: KD Will Pressure Kyrie Into Getting Vaccine

According to a report from Yahoo's Vincent Goodwill, the Kyrie Irving anti-vax drama will eventually sputter to a halt, and he will get vaccinated.

The story cites league sources as indicating that Brooklyn Nets' teammate and good friend Kevin Durant will employ the necessary influence on Kyrie to ensure that he gets the shot. The Nets have championship hopes this season, and it largely depends on the presence of their Big 3 of Durant, Irving and James Harden. 

If he remains unvaccinated, Irving would miss all 41 home games, as New York City has a law that requires all persons entering a largely populated indoor event to be fully vaccinated. 

The same mandate exists in San Francisco, meaning that Andrew Wiggins, who holds the same anti-vaxxer stance as Irving, is facing sitting out half of the Golden State Warriors games, as well. 

As Goodwill points out, we sometimes forget that 90% of NBA players are vaccinated (and 99% of WNBA players), due to the "volume" that's being given to the anti-vax minority.

He quotes one NBA head coach, who spoke passionately on the subject: “There’s an overload of information our youth keeps digesting, they go to Google and think there’s the answer. It’s confusing, and I give them that. (But) Everything’s not a conspiracy or a setup. It’s not about 'I, I, I.’ What about the people around you?”

Training camps are now officially underway, and the season is three weeks away. Will Kyrie and Wiggins be in their teams' lineups on opening night? The answer is just a shot away. 

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports