LeBron James Eligible For Massive Extension With Lakers

As of Thursday morning, LeBron James is eligible to sign a massive two-year extension with the Los Angeles Lakers for $97M. But the big questions are: will it be offered, and if it is, will he sign it?  

Under the NBA's 'Over-38 rule', as explained by Front Office Insider Bobby Marks, the two-year deal is the maximum they can offer.  

As Marks notes, "the great unknown is what could happen if James does not extend and plays out the season on an expiring contract." If that happens, he says, the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a "team to keep an eye on" next offseason. They should have over $30M in cap room. 

Would LeBron head back to his hometown for a 3rd time? 

The big key here that Marks doesn't address, is the looming future presence of LeBron's son Bronny, who's eligible to enter the NBA in the following season, 2024. Dad has said on numerous occasions that that's the way he wants to finish his career—playing alongside his son. If he signs the extension with the Lakers, it would most certainly contain an opt-out in the second year, which is Bronny's rookie season. 

So extension or no extension, the expiry date on the LeBron era in Purple & Gold is quite likely July, 2024. 

Photo: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports