Victor Wembanyama Reveals Thoughts On NBA Teams Tanking For Him

It's been going on for years, even decades, in the NBA. Teams who are in rebuild mode, 'tanking' to get as high a draft pick as they can. This year, it's taken on a whole new level with generational 7'4" talent Victor Wembanyama set to be the No. 1 pick next June. 

But the French prodigy isn't so keen on the tanking idea. 

Tanking? It’s a weird strategy. I find it unreasonable, and I try not to think about it. I also heard that the NBA considered changing a few rules for me, but that doesn’t concern me.

                                               —Prospective 2023 No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama 

In an interview with French website Le Parisien, Wembanyama also said he doesn't currently have a preference for which team he'd like to go to. "Even if I had it [in mind], I wouldn't say it. But I don't."

Here's what the Brick-for-Vic Tankathon race looks like as of Dec. 29th:

  1. Detroit Pistons        9-28    .243
  2. Charlotte Hornets   9-26    .257
  3. Houston Rockets    10-24   .294
  4. San Antonio Spurs  11-23   .324
  5. Orlando Magic        13-23   .361
The Pistons seem like a lock, as they not only have the worst record right now, but will be playing the rest of the season without their best player, Cade Cunningham. The Magic have been playing their way out of the Wembanyama race lately, winning seen of their last 10 games, but still have the 5th-worst record in the NBA.