NBA Rumors: The Price For Jakob Poeltl Just Went Up

The San Antonio Spurs are chugging their way towards the top of the draft lottery this season, and therefore have a few nice trade chips at this year's deadline. But their No. 1 chip, undoubtedly, is top center Jakob Poeltl. And he is in heavy demand around the league. So much so that it seems that the price to acquire him has gone up.

Originally expected to be able to command one first-round pick for the 7-footer, that presumed price has now apparently doubled, according to Jared Wiess of The Athletic.

San Antonio has made it known to interested parties throughout the league the Spurs want two first-round picks for Poeltl, according to team and league sources. 

Weiss goes on to posit that trying to extract a pair of first-rounder for a center on an expiring contract who'll be looking for a large raise in free agency this summer, is a huge ask. But perhaps, he says, that by setting the bar that high, the Spurs will at least "come away with a first-rounder and some change for Poeltl."

The big Austrian has been averaging close to 13 points and 9.5 rebounds over the these past two seasons in San Antonio, while becoming one of the league's elite rim-protectors. 

The Spurs, in fact, are in no rush to trade Poeltl, despite his impending free agency. They like him a lot, and the feeling is mutual. If no trade is consummated, the Spurs could even try to re-sign him in the offseason. 

Photo: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports