NBA Rumors: Surprising Team To Pursue Jaylen Brown This Summer

Boston Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown has been making a lot of noise in recent days about whether he'd be content staying around Boston for the long run. Which is, of course, leading to plenty of speculation about where he might wind up this summer. 

According to a report on Houston sports radio ESPN975, the Houston Rockets are expected to make a run at trading for him. 

"Yesterday, I got some insight on the Rockets organization... Bringing in veterans: they're going to be doing that," said John Granato on 'The Bench.'

"I'm gonna tell you this: You're going to hear a lot of noise about Jaylen Brown. He wants out of Boston." 

He went on to suggest that the team is more than unhappy with the young players' lack of improvement, and the team being stuck at the bottom of the standings once again. 

"There are guys in this (Rockets) rotation right now that are going to be bench players. They're not satisfied... They're disgusted with the lack of ability, quite frankly."

As for Brown and his rumored unhappiness in Boston, he was said to have been offered by Boston to the Brooklyn Nets last offseason in a potential Kevin Durant trade. And his more recent comments have stirred the pot, suggesting that he is definitely questioning his future in Boston. 

Brown is set to earn $ 30.7M in the final year of his contract next season, and due to the CBA changes, is currently eligible for a four-year, $190M extension. If he makes All-NBA, he'd be eligible for 5-year, $290M supermax.

Should be an interesting summer in Boston, and Houston, where there seem to be some unhappy campers. 

 Photo: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports