Steph Curry Admits He Used to be Jealous of LeBron James

Drake once said "jealousy is just love and hate at the same time" and if you ask Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry he'll admit there was a time in his life where he was jealous of LeBron James.

In what way, you ask? Curry was a guest on the hottest new basketball podcast on the planet, "The Rex Chapman Show" and had this to say about what certain aspects of LeBron he used to stress over:

The biggest piece of advice for any young kid that's playing the game is be comfortable with who you are as a basketball player. I had some temptations of like, 'I wish I could just dunk' or 'I wish I could just drive down the lane.' You always get fascinated by what you can't do. The bigger point is like I see LeBron and I wish I could do some of the stuff he can do physically, and you kinda get wrapped up in and distracted by that. But end of the day, I am my own type of basketball player and gotta do what I can to be successful. So I guess that's the message.

Another thing Steph Curry went on to mention is the fact he thinks he's the MVP of the league. Seems like all the stars think it's them and Curry isn't shying away from wanting the trophy neither. When you're averaging 31.1 points along with 5.9 assists and 5.5 rebounds, you can't blame him. 

Photo credit:  © Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports