Social Media's Hilarious Response to Kyle Kuzma's Ridiculous Pregame Wear

Washington Wizards' forward Kyle Kuzma is apparently still getting used to the colder weather in DC after playing his career in Los Angeles before this season. He claims that his outrageously ridiculous pregame attire before Monday's night game is actually good fashion, and besides, it kept him warm. 

But his fellow NBAers, and social media alike, weren't having any of it. 

It's time to address the pink elephant in the room... which is what Kuzma looked like wearing the XXXXXL pink sweater with sleeves so long they swung far below his knees. Even his former Lakers teammate LeBron James and others had to weigh in, on Instagram. 

"No f---ing way you wore that,” wrote James, while Anthony Davis said, “you’re outta line sir!!!!”

Once it was tracked down online, it was found that the sweater is actually a thing, that can be purchased... for $1,491. Yes, for less than 15-hundred dollars, you, too, can own the “oversized-sleeve virgin wool jumper”, as it's called. 

And finally, we wrap this up with the now-internet-standard "photoshopping ridiculous clothing larger and larger if you like my tweet".

And so on, and so on... 

Thanks a lot for this, Jason Kidd.