Video: "Bringing The Slam Dunk Contest To November!!" Portland & Denver React To Insane In-Game Dunk

Greg Brown III doesn't get a whole lot of playing time with the Portland Trail Blazers, but when he does, he makes sure to make the most of it. 

Tuesday night, Brown pulled off the between-the-legs 'Eastbay Funk Dunk' mid-game, and sent Portland fans (and broadcasters) into a tizzy.

"He brought the Slam Dunk Contest to November!... You don't see that in a regular season game very often!" went the call on the Blazers' broadcast. CJ McCollum, after the game, marvelled at Brown's feat as well. "He is super athletic. He sat for 2 hours, (then) dunked between his legs. That's impressive. Very impressive." 

Teammate Larry Nance Jr. also was dumbfounded:

"How many times has this been done in an NBA game before?" asked Nance. And the answer, by the way, is just one.  

Denver Nuggets guard Monte Morris, however, was not impressed, lamenting another embarrassing moment for his team after the 19 point loss. "Mother f---ers on the break going between the legs, just like it's a circus. It's frustrating. We've got to be tougher. It's just embarrassing right now."

And no, this isn't the first time Brown has pulled this off mid-game. He did the identical dunk in Summer League action, and has been generally posterizing opponents with similar insane in-game dunks since high school. Have a look:

 Photo Credit:  Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports