Tempers Flare on Warriors Bench; Draymond Green P.O.d at Teammate!

The way things are going in the NBA season, scuffles are even breaking out amongst teammates now. Draymond Green was not happy with something Jordan Poole said or did, and was ripping into him on the Golden State Warriors bench during their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Poole said something to Draymond during a timeout that clearly didn't sit well with the veteran. Teammates had to step in when Green started yelling vehemently at Poole. The video of the incident was taken by a fan sitting behind the bench. 

What precipitated the outburst is still unclear, as neither player was talking about it afterwards. One theory was that Poole hadn't gotten back on defense after a Draymond turnover in a play just prior to the incident. 

Whatever the case may be, head coach Steve Kerr said it's all good now, as the two players "hashed it out" afterwards. 

"One of the things we love about Draymond is his energy and passion," said Kerr. "We all know sometimes it bubbles over. His loyalty and passion always land in the right spot. Over 82 games, stuff like that is going to happen. It's behind us."

And besides, the Warriors went on to get another W, and sit atop the NBA at 10-1.