Video: Turner and Gobert Thrown Out After Jazz/Pacers Brawl

Four players were tossed late in Thursday's game between the Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz, including Jazz center Rudy Gobert and Pacers center Myles Turner.

The play occurred with the Pacers up 10 late in the fourth quarter. Turner blocked a Gobert attempt and then all hell broke loose. Not only were the two big men thrown out, both Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles of the Jazz were tossed.

The Pacers ended up winning the game 111-100. Both Turner and Gobert spoke after the game about what took place and had this to say:

When (Gobert) pulled my shorts, I wasn't about to have that, so I had to stand up for myself in that situation - Myles Turner

Gobert went on to say:

Guys need to stop doing that shit. No one here is about that life. If I don't feel threatened, I'm not gonna throw a punch. And I didn't feel threatened. If someone wants to fight, I'm easy to reach."

Photo credit: © Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports