"Kinda One-Dimensional": Durant's Good Pal Shades Steph Curry

For a guy who hasn't played in the NBA for over a year, Mike James is making a lot of headlines this summer. First he revealed that his good friend Kevin Durant knew that the Brooklyn Nets were going to be ousted by the Boston Celtics in the first round—before the series started. 

Now he's out there throwing shade at Steph Curry, calling him one-dimensional.

He also said that Curry isn't among the Top 5 players in the NBA currently. He puts Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic on that list.

“I think those other five can do whatever they want to do on any team in the world right now,” Mike James said. “I just don’t know about that for Steph. It’s a little murky for Steph… If you put him in Minnesota, he would still kill, but I don’t know if it would be the same.”

Curry responded with a jab of his own at James, in an interview later in the day.  

"Oh, I'm so petty!" he laughed, while referring to himself as "one-dimensional" with a wink. 

Photo: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports