NBA Rumors: Bulls "Need To Blow It Up"

Punctuated by another heartbreaking loss, with 0.5 seconds left last night to the Atlanta Hawks, the Chicago Bulls are a mess. Sitting at 11-15 and in 11th spot in the Eastern Conference. No doubt they miss Lonzo Ball significantly, but Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report says some observers around the league are wondering whether the Bulls should continue on their current course at all.

Everyone is watching Chicago very closely. They're so poorly constructed, they need to blow it up.

That's the word from one league source, according to Pincus. The Bulls find themselves in a difficult situation regarding this year's draft, as well, says Pincus. Because of their trade for Nikola Vučević at the 2021 trade deadline from Orlando, they "need to win the lottery (top four) to avoid giving its selection to the Magic." 

One possible way to go about this would be to revisit the Los Angeles Lakers trade discussions. Sources say that the Lakers were interested in Vučević and DeMar DeRozan. If L.A. is willing to give up its two first-round picks (2027 and 2029) along with Russell Westbrook as a buy-out candidate, the Bulls could be in prime tanking position, giving them a much better shot at the lottery, and the chance to retain their pick in June.

As Pincus says, the Bulls can go even farther. 

"Chicago could divest itself from everything that isn't nailed down (outside of its young, developing prospects) and start over, which is precisely what many others believe it should do."

In case you missed it, here's how the Bulls lost it, at the buzzer, last night. 

Photo: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports