"Any Other Team, You’d Be Out Of The F—ing League!": John Wall Blasts Young Rockets

John Wall has opened up on his frustrations of playing with the young and undisciplined Houston Rockets in his last NBA stop. 

He said on a podcast this week that it was just "a bad organization right now; they gotta fix some sh*t around." He tried to school his neophyte teammates on the way the NBA really is:

I always talked to Jalen GreenKevin Porter, K.J. (Kenyon Martin Jr.), I’m like, ‘Don’t get adjusted to this losing s–t, this is not how the league is.  

But at the same time, I had to tell them, like, ‘This s–t y’all are getting away with over here, if you go to any other team, you’d be out of the f—ing league. You wouldn’t play.’ I’m trying to explain that to them because they think it’s sweet. But I’m like, ‘If you ever get traded and go somewhere else, you going to be like, ‘This motherf—er was right'.

It appears things haven't changed much in Houston since Wall's time there, as another veteran, still with the Rockets, Eric Gordon, also blasted his young teammates earlier this month, saying they don't "play for one another" or "do what’s right by your teammates."

Wall also brought up the unfortunate way his Rockets' time ended, as he sat out the entire season last year, mainly because they asked him to come off the bench. 

"For who?", asked Wall, rhetorically, "'No offence, but who? I was your best player last year.'"

Wall eventually took a buyout at the end of the season, receiving the bulk of his $47M owed on the final year of his contract, and moved on to the Los Angeles Clippers this season. He's currently averaging 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in about 22 minutes a game for LA. 

And as for those young Rockets, they're still not 'getting it.' The team sits dead last in the NBA at 10-34.

Photo: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports