NBA Rumors: 3 Teams In The Mix As Knicks 'Double-Down' On Efforts To Trade Reddish

It's no surprise to hear that the New York Knick 'Most Likely To Be Traded' by the February 9th NBA Trade Deadline is forward Cam Reddish. He simply hasn't been able to crack head coach Tom Thibodeau's rotation since they acquired him in a trade from Atlanta just over one year ago. But a new report now suggests they're stepping up their attempts to move him. 

The Knicks have redoubled their efforts to find a new home for Reddish with essentially three weeks to go until the deadline, sources tell The Stein Line, with the Dallas Mavericks having joined the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers on the list of known potential trade partners.

                                                                         —NBA Insider Marc Stein

The last time Reddish saw even a single minute of court time was back on December 3rd. Since then, it's 22 straight games of DNP-CD. 

And the Knicks' front office will be taking a big "L" on the eventual exchange, as word is, according to Stein, they're asking only a second-round pick in return. The team sent Kevin Knox II and a 2022 first-round pick to the Atlanta Hawks in the deal to acquire the 6'8" small forward, but Thibodeau has really had no interest in finding him playing time. 

If the Mavericks, however, are the team to strike a deal for Reddish, Stein's sources tell him that Reggie Bullock is the requested return. The 31-year-old Bullock had a great playoff run last season for the Mavs, shooting 40% from three while playing nearly 40 minutes a game in the postseason. The Mavs aren't inclined to move him. 

And so, the Reddish talks continue, but it's safe to assume that he will have a new address come Feb. 9th. 

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports