Damian Lillard Camp Sends Out A Harsh Warning

This could get ugly between Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers. We've heard the reports that despite Lillard's stated preference for a trade to the Miami Heat, the Blazers are opening it up to the entire league in an attempt to get the best deal. 

But now Lillard's agent Aaron Goodwin has issued a stark warning to the rest of the league's teams about trying to trade for Lillard: Stay away.  

"Goodwin has been calling prospective trade partners and warning against trading for his client, team executives told ESPN," writes NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski. "Goodwin is telling organizations outside of Miami that trading for Lillard is trading for an unhappy player."

The quote from Goodwin: "He wants to play in Miami. Period."

But rival NBA executives who've been talking to Blazers GM Joe Cronin describe him as "devoid of sentiment," writes Wojnarowski, and other GMs say they won't succumb to these warnings, either. 

“General manager Joe Cronin doesn't plan to operate a transfer portal to the Miami Heat and dutifully deliver history's greatest Blazer to his targeted team.

This could all explain why fellow ESPN Insider Brian Windhorst expects that it could take a four- or even five-team trade to a deal done.

"The Heat are working it... they're trying to find ways to move these giant pieces around... they're trying to expand this deal. If Dame Lillard happens, you could be looking at a three or four, maybe even a five-team trade."

Photo: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports