Brooklyn Nets' Cam Thomas Fined By NBA For Derogatory Remark

Earlier in the week, he'd become the youngest player in NBA history to score 40+ points in three straight games. And now he was euphoric over the return to Brooklyn of his buddy Spencer Dinwiddie. But for the league, that doesn't excuse the homophobic slur Cam Thomas uttered on a national TV postgame interview.

The interview was aired live on TNT after the Nets' 116-105 win over the Chicago Bulls in a nationally-televised game. Thomas will be $40,000 lighter in the wallet after his "no homo" comment which the league labeled "disparaging and derogatory" in its announcement of the fine. 

Shortly after making the comment, Thomas posted an unsolicited apology to social media, saying he was being 'playful.' 

"I want to apologize for the insensitive word I used in the post-game interview," Thomas tweeted late Thursday night. "I was excited about the win and was being playful. I definitely didn't intend to offend anyone, but realize that I probably did. My apologies again. Much love."