The LA Clippers are an absolute mess

The LA Clippers were supposed to win the NBA Championship this year, so their management team thought. Turns out shady chemistry, cold shooting and a lack of basketball IQ crumbled their chances and the Denver Nuggets made them pay. 

'Lemon Pepper' Lou Williams blamed the chemistry of their team and a lack of leadership as the fault. 

Kawhi Leonard said he needs to play with smarter players, and the overall basketball IQ of his teammates wasn't where it needed to be. Maybe you should have stayed north, Kawhi?

Paul George couldn't make a shot when it mattered and 'Pandemic P' was almost a shock to his teammates, including Kawhi. 

Montrezl Harrell and Paul George went at each other multiple times throughout the year and could never get on the same page. Harrell even screamed at George during the Nuggets series 'you're right, nobody can tell you nothing'. 

Pat Bev' wasn't good enough, and wasn't healthy enough to contribute on a regular basis. 

Needless to say, the Clippers didn't live up to the hype and brought the hate on themselves. From chirping Dame Lillard about heading for vacation early, or even back to when this video was made....turns out it's not that much 'fun' Mr Ballmer. Your team is a mess.


Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire