Video: LeBron James calls out the media over MVP voting

The LA Lakers took game 1 of the Western Conference Finals and per usual, they were led by LeBron James. Turns out LBJ was playing as motivated as ever, as he was pissed off from the news earlier in the day.

LeBron felt he was snubbed again for the MVP voting, much like he was 4 other times which he referenced in his press conference after the game. LBJ only received 16 1st place votes out of 101.

James brought up a shady voting system and a 'weird' feeling that the voting follows it's own narrative, and he even called out the media for not watching the basketball to make their decisions.

James felt he was snubbed for the DPOY in 2012, when Marc Gasol won the award and wasn't even voted 1st-team all defense. 

He does have a point's a word from a pissed off LeBron, who the Denver Nuggets should be very concerned about playing.

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire