Lou Williams Claps Back After Report Surfaces About Kawhi Leonard


Earlier this week we shared the news that there was some drama surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers. The article explained that it's being reported some veterans on the Clips, including Lou Williams were unhappy about the way Kawhi Leonard was treated this season.

From being late for team flights, to dictating his own minutes and which games he would play and not play, there was apparently severe unrest from the vets and according to some, they made it known that they were pissed off, or 'bristled' about the load management parameters. 

Lou Williams wasn't having it and took to the comments to voice his displeasure:

Dawg, I don't even what bristle mean. lol @jovanbuha where y'all get that from? Out ya source. 

No word yet who their 'source' was but as expected, when people are directly named and had no part in the matter, they push back on the article.

Appears the Clippers saga continues as it's expected 'Lemon Pepper' Lou will be dealt in the coming weeks. 

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire