Seattle SuperSonics Legend Shawn Kemp Opening Cannabis Business

Shawn Kemp was known as 'The Reign Man', a powerful small forward, who in his prime, was one of the highest flyers in the league. Kemp loved to play above the rim and would dunk on cats on the regular.

Now he's playing a different type of high flying role.

Kemp has announced he will be opening up his own Cannabis store in Seattle. The store's ribbon ceremony will be on October 30th, and his old buddy Gary Payton is going to be on hand for the big day. Kemp's store is one of only a few Cannabis stores in Seattle and the first owned by an African-American. 

Great for Kemp who has found his niche after Basketball. We wish him nothing but the best. Enjoy responsibly kids. 

This is what happens the first time you smoke 'Shawn Hemp' 

Photo Credit:  John McDonough/SI/Icon Sportswire

Shawn Kemp Had That Bounce...