Ben Simmons' Sister Tweets a Trade is Coming

Welcome to #NBATwitter where any one related to any one can start trade rumors. This time its Ben Simmons' sister who hit send on a Tweet that has sent NBA Twitter into a frenzy. 

There's been tons of rumors swirling the Philadelphia 76ers ever since Doc Rivers was named head coach and the team brought in Daryl Morey to manage the team.

The reports tend to conflict each other as one day you'll hear 'let Joel Embiid and Simmons have one more crack at this under Rivers' and the next you hear 'trade whatever you can for James Harden'.

Well, if anything, Ben Simmons' sister made Tuesday of this week a little more interesting. Perhaps it's not even a Simmons trade and it's a 76ers trade, Perhaps she's just looking for attention. 

Eat it up, and enjoy.

Photo credit: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire