Glen Davis Comes to Nate Robinson's Defense

Sooooo, in case you missed it, NBA alum Nate Robinson decided to box YouTube star Jake Paul as part of a celebrity boxing match, and, let's just say it didn't go so well for the ex-Knick point guard:

While the memes have been flowing in since Robinson hit the mat, the NBA world appears to be divided on their support for Robinson. One person who is on his side, his former teammate Glen Davis. 'Big Baby' took to social media to show his support:

I’m sitting here and watching all this bulls**t. Sh*t people are saying and doing. It’s f****d, it’s really f****d up. At the end of the day, my man took on a different challenge, because of the lack of opportunity. Nate should be playing basketball, I should be playing basketball but the league has its own mind in a way they want their players to be seen. Nate shouldn’t be doing this shit but at the end of the day, we gotta do other shit to have the courage to step out and do something you never done before. (…) Everybody is not LeBron James, everybody does not make the right decisions with their money. Sometimes we do fall victim of the world we come from. This fight is a cry for an opportunity to help to put us in a situation to be different.


You be the judge of those comments but sounds like Robinson needed some cash and felt this was one avenue to secure a bag. Have to give him credit for stepping out of his comfort zone, regardless of all the noise from NBA players, we all know they're not getting in the ring anytime soon.

Robinson took to his IG to send some love to the real ones:

There are too many to name, and IG only lets me choose 10 pics..but I’ve seen every one of you. HUGE shout out to my brother KG for being there, and all of y’all that have reached out to me PERSONALLY…Mike Bibby, Carlos Arroyo, Bonzi Wells, Malik Rose, everyone in these pics, etc. It means the world and we’re gonna come back even better.

Photo credit: IconSportswire