John Wall Calls Out Today's NBA For Being Too Friendly

John Wall hoops to make buckets, not friends. 

The Washington Wizards point-guard has had a lot of time on his hands to watch the NBA from the sidelines, as injuries as dampened his playing time. He was recently on an episode of Fubo Sports podcast and chatted with Gilbert Arenas on the current state of the NBA.

The conversation surprised some as Wall called out the rest of the league for being too friendly. Wall used the era when Gilbert Arenas played and compared the two:

A lot of guys be too friendly now. Like (Arenas') era, they weren't friendly, they tried to rip each others' heads off. Now it's like guys buddy-buddy

Well it surely sounds like John Wall is spitting facts. Before, during and after games it can be a cuddle session in the NBA these days. Imagine Michael Jordan was playing and one of his teammates was showing too much love to the other team? Off with his head and likely traded a week later.

Arenas mentioned his mindset was different then guys now a days:

If I'm gonna step into a pickup game, I came in to get better. Like if I wanna just get a run, I can do that anywhere. But we called each other for a reason. Let's do this. Let's go at each other. We have to get each other better.

For the entertaining episode, peep the video below.  

Photo credit: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire