Drama Surrounding the Denver Nuggets Starting Five

Michael Porter Jr of the Denver Nuggets is the heavy favorite to win most improved player this upcoming season and has been picked by many executives around the league as a player who is ready to break out. One problem, Porter's playing time is going to need to mean someone else has to sit more often, and that someone appears to be Will Barton.

Porter chatted with reporters on Saturday after reports surfaced stating Barton was not happy about having to sacrifice his starting position on the team:

Everybody knows Will's a starter. Him saying that shouldn't have been blown up the way it was because he has started. He has produced. That's not immature or anything on his part. He views himself as a starter. I view myself as a starter.

But we both know that if we want to be a part of something special that we gotta stick together, me and him individually. And then as a team, we just gotta be willing to accept our roles.

Barton's displeasure stems from an injury that kept him out of the playoff bubble and this was when Porter burst onto the scene, averaging 22 points a game. Meanwhile Barton had averaged 15.1 points and 6.3 rebounds per game during the regular season and now appears headed for the bench.

Injuries equal opportunities and it looks like MPJ took advantage of his.

Photo credit:Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire