Here's Why Kyrie Irving Skipped His Media Availability

The pandemic has hit everybody in their own way and we all try to find ways to cope with this 'new normal'. Professional athletes are no different, and more specifically, Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets is no different. 

Irving admitted in a statement he's looking at life a little bit differently these days, and the Nets point-guard ended up skipping his media availability and releasing a statement advising he won't be speaking to the media this year.

As Kyrie puts it, he's prepared to come to work every single day and bust his ass to try and win a championship with the Nets, but he's not prepared to talk to the media on a regular basis, or even at all.

According to a report regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement: 

The league's collective bargaining agreement requires veteran players to "participate in photograph and media sessions" as early as the 22nd day prior to the first game of the regular season.

Additionally, under a section pertaining to promotional activities, the CBA states: "Upon request, the player shall consent to and make himself available for interviews by representatives of the media conducted at reasonable times."

It's unclear whether Irving's statement constitutes participation in the Nets' training camp media session or whether certain allowances have been made in regard to media availability within the amended agreement due to COVID-19.

Irving and his teammates in Brooklyn are expected to do big things this season. One thing we know for sure, whatever they do, Irving's doing it his way.

Photo credit:  Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire