NBA Announces Changes to 'Resting' Policy for 2020-21 Season

When you look back at the NBA in ten years, you can say Kawhi Leonard changed the game. Well, sort of.

The NBA announced on Monday changes were coming to the 'load management' aka resting policy for superstars. Basically, if you rest a superstar during a nationally televised game, expect to pay north of $100,000.

This is great for fans of the NBA. No longer will we see a superstar sitting out 'just cause' after a Dad spent his hard earned dollars to take his son to his first basketball game to see his favorite player, just to find out when they get there said superstar isn't playing. 

Hopefully there's less of those instances, and hopefully we see less load management this NBA season. 

Photo credit:  Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire