Pau Gasol Heading Back to the Lakers!?!

According to reports, Pau Gasol is interested in an NBA comeback and fittingly wants to play for with his brother, Marc on the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Pau, who won back-to-back NBA titles in purple in gold back in 2009-10, has been working out more and more to see if his body could handle another NBA season. 

 The older Gasol brother is 40-years-old and never enjoyed quick feet, so you have to wonder if he could handle the new-age NBA game. Not only would Pau love to come back for the Lakers, word is he's also vying for a spot on Spain's Olympic team in Tokyo.

Gasol admits some days he doesn't feel like his body could handle it after multiple surgeries on his left foot. He's been working out hard with a few helpful friends and had this to say about his comeback efforts:

There is meaning and history there. I'm not going to lie. It would be very special, and now that my brother [Marc] is there, even more special. But I'm not in a position now to be very demanding. I don't have 10 offers on the table. I want the opportunity to contribute -- to feel needed. Not just to be there. That's not who I am. I want to enjoy it, and players usually enjoy playing. There were good days and then hard days where you say, 'Is this really worth it? Maybe it's time to let go.

Marc and the Lakers appear destined for another title run in LA, and if Pau does join the team, expect it to be mid-season after perhaps the Lakers have to deal with some injury troubles and need a veteran to step in and eat up some minutes.

Photo credit: Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire