Russell Westbrook Speaks On Latest Trade

Russell Westbrook is now on to his third team and is about to be reunited with an old head coach in Scott Brooks. Westbrook plays harder than anyone on the basketball court and his dog mentality is wonderful for his teammates and horrible to deal with on the other team.

There's been lots said about Westbrook's personality and his ability to be a good teammate, and Westbrook wanted to clear the air and explain himself for his antics on and off the court:

The way I play the game kind of misconstrues (to) people ... who I am as a person, who I am and what I believe in and what I stand for. Obviously, how I play and off the floor are two different people.

When I am on the floor, I don't have any friends, I am not trying to be friendly, I'm trying to bust somebody's ass. I ain't got time to try to shake hands and do all that. I don't have time for it, and I am never changing that.

The biggest thing for me is just kind of going and being myself - which is easy because being myself, I can be genuine and loyal and understanding. Obviously, I am not the easiest guy to understand.

But me as a teammate, me as a person, as a father, that's the most important part to me. And I stand strong on that and continue to uplift my teammates, organizations, (and) inspire people around the world. That's kind of all I worry about - impact and inspire.


Westbrook and his new teammate Bradley Beal should be fun to watch in Washington and look for Westbrook to relish his leadership role on and off the court.