Video: Nets' Big 3 Stunned in Double OT by the Cavaliers

In one of the most anticipated basketball games in recent years the Brooklyn Nets took on the Cleveland Cavaliers and unveiled the newest 'Big 3' of the NBA as Kyrie Irving returned to action and joined Kevin Durant and James Harden.

In a thriller of a game, the Cavs and Nets took double overtime to decide a winner, and wouldn't you know, the underdog Cavs came out on top 147-135.

The new-look Nets, as expected, were led by their superstars as Irving returned after seven games scoring 37 points, Durant netted 38, and Harden had 21 points and 12 assists, after not attempting a shot in the first quarter. Rockets fans will be shocked by that.

The game came down to Collin Sexton who scored 15 points in double OT, and Irving returned to Cleveland and tasted each bucket, as Sexton was taking it to him every single time.

Here's everything you missed from one of the craziest games of the year:

Photo credit: © David Richard-USA TODAY Sports