Kyle Lowry Admits This Season Has Been Tough

The Toronto Raptors are the only NBA team this season who don't ever have home court advantage, and their point guard Kyle Lowry admitted to the media recently, he'd rather be playing in Toronto. 

Lowry spoke to the media on Friday and opened up about being away from Scotiabank Arena and Raptors fans:

With the virus, the Canadian government is doing everything to protect the country and protect the citizens. Yeah, (the NBA has) very strict protocols, but the protocols can only protect you to a certain extent. We completely understand why the country of Canada and the government is really tight right now. Now we know that we're going to be here, guys can really try to settle in.

You always feel the connection, right, that's our home. That's where we play. At the end of the day, the Toronto Raptors are on the front of our jersey. We still know that the fans are supporting us to the utmost that they can, we wish we were playing in front of those guys.

It's unfortunate that the world is in this situation, but as professionals, as men, we have to do our job. We would love to be home, we would love to be in front of our fans, it just sucks that we can't be, but the connection is still there.

As Lowry makes mention, now that the Raptors know they aren't heading back to Canada any time soon, perhaps they can find a more consistent game. The Raptors are currently 7th in the east, but only six games back of the conference leading Philadelphia 76ers.  

Even with the shorter season, there's still plenty of time for the Dino's to get hot in Tampa. 

Photo credit: © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports