Three Teams Linked to Trade for Raptors' Kyle Lowry

The NBA's trade deadline is March 25th this season and while there isn't expected to be a crazy amount of trades, the ones that are completed may see some big names involved. Last week Toronto Raptors point-guard Kyle Lowry's name surfaced in some reports as apparently if the Raptors are considering moving him, Lowry would prefer to play in Philadelphia.

While a move back to Philly makes sense since Lowry is from the area, if the Raptors are actually serious about moving the franchise cornerstone, there's going to be a ton of interest around the league. 

If the Raptors move Lowry, here's three teams that have been linked to a deal:

Philadelphia 76ers: We all heard the reports, which actually have been denied by his agent, however many insiders still feel it carries some weight. If indeed it's Philly for Lowry, the Raptors need to make sure 20-year-old Tyrese Maxey comes back in the deal. ANY trade will be tough to pull off because of financials but if the Raptors don't get Maxey back in this deal, it's a bust.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are currently sitting at 18-15 on the season, good for 8th in the West and could use Lowry to run their point and play sharpshooter Jamal Murray off-the-ball more. Lowry is constantly at the top of the league in taking charges so his defense would also be a huge help to a Nuggets team who could use it. It's likely a three-team deal could go down, but if Lowry ends up in Denver, the Raptors better be getting back Michael Porter Jr

Golden State Warriors: The Warriors may be one of the biggest surprises this season as the team is scratching their way into the playoff picture despite being without Klay Thompson once again. One deal to consider here is a Lowry for Toronto native, Andrew Wiggins, who happens to have two more years left on his contract. While Wiggins has never turned into the dominant force he was projected to, he could easily average 20 points per game in the Raptors system and gives management another young piece for the next two seasons. Lowry's contract expires after the season, which in turn gives the Warriors some much needed flexibility. 

While it's likely the Raptors hold on to Lowry for another playoff run, if it becomes certain he's on the move, the Raptors need to ensure they receive one of those three players in return.

Photo credit: © Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports