Clippers' Paul George Hit With Hefty Fine for Chirping the Refs

Paul George is never scared to speak his mind and this time around it's cost him a pretty penny. The Los Angeles Clippers star was critical of the referees after Wednesday's loss to the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA has fined George $35,000.

George was frustrated after the 105-89 loss and let it be known he wasn't thrilled with the way the game was called. There was a series of non-calls on plays in the paint during the game and the entire team only saw 11 trips to the free throw line.

George went on to say:

Can't go too much further than that - it's a bunch of lies. They know what's going on.

Questioning the officials integrity will always be a fine in the NBA, a league that gets made fun of on a regular basis for how the officials handle some games.

One stat from Second Spectrum points out the Clippers received only four foul calls on shots in the paint during their game against the Mavs which tied the fifth-fewest the team has been awarded this season.

While $35,000 is hefty for most people, George's salary this season is $35,450,412.

How are you paying your fine Mr George?

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