Magic's Aaron Gordon Reveals Reasons Behind Trade Demand

It's not often in the NBA a trade demand to discussed publicly by a player, just ask James Harden from his Rockets' days. This time around it's Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic who wants out and on Tuesday the seven-year veteran discussed why that's the case.

Gordon had this to say about his career in Orlando and what it's come to:

There's been times where I just expressed my frustration to management, and frustration with the losses, the injuries, the way we've been playing, how we've been playing, and how many losses have accumulated over the years. It's just my frustration kind of boiling over, I would say. I think a lot of people share that sentiment with me of frustration.

I'm focused on tomorrow night. As of right now, I'm an Orlando Magic, and I've been here for seven years and developed a home here and a sense of love and community here. For as long as I have 'Orlando' on my chest, 'Magic' on my chest, I'm going to give it everything I have. I'm focused on Phoenix tomorrow and getting that win.

The NBA's trade deadline is 3pm EST on Thursday and there's a very good chance Gordon ends up wearing another jersey. 

Photo credit:  © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports