VIDEO: New York City Mayor Calls Out Trae Young

From the files of 'something you don't see everyday', New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called out Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday. The Mayor was giving some remarks during a press conference and made sure to take a jab at Young and his antics on the court.

Young scored 32 points in Game 1 of the Hawks-Knicks series, and had the go-ahead bucket with less then one second remaining. He then went on to 'shush' the crowd and obviously this caught the attention of many, including the Mayor. 

Message to Trae Young, on behalf of the people in New York City and anyone who cares about actually playing basketball the right way, stop hunting for fouls. Trae, that hawk is not going to fly in New York City. Play the game the right way and see if you can win. I think the Knicks are going to teach you a lesson.