Devin Booker Rewards 'Suns in 4' Fight Fan with WCF Tickets & Jersey!

 It's the fan fight seen 'round the world. After a Phoenix Suns' fan went viral for the pounding he laid on a Denver Nuggets' fan while shouting "Suns in 4!", Phoenix star Devin Booker sought out and found the man. Now he's rewarded him with tickets to a Western Conference Finals game, PLUS a signed Booker Suns' jersey. 

Booker's representatives found the lifelong Suns' fan named Nick McKellar, who now lives in Denver,  and are arranging for the tickets and jersey.

Booker's teammate Jae Crowder relived the event by recalling fondly and hilariously how the whole Suns' bench actually watched the beat-down live during a timeout:

And does Booker care that some people feel he's endorsing that kind of behavior by rewarding the fan? Nah...

Photo Credit: @gabbgoudy