Paul George 'Pandemic P' Slander Overtakes Twitter After Another Playoff Choke Job

 The Los Angeles Clippers were 8 seconds away from evening their Western Conference Finals series with the Phoenix Suns, with Paul George at the line, and a chance to give LA a three-point lead. Two missed free throws later, and a loss at the buzzer, and the 'Pandemic P' trolling was off and running on social media. 

This all started during the bubble last year, when George had some disastrous shooting nights in the playoffs, and the nickname became so entrenched, that Basketball-Reference, the go-to website for basketball statistics and history, even added Pandemic P as an official nickname for PG13. 

They've since taken it down, but perhaps it's time to bring it back.

Overall, George missed 5 free throws in this game. He hasn't missed that many in a single game in 8 years.  He also shot 1-of-8 from the three-point line. Yes, he did have 26 points on the night, but all anyone will remember is those final 8 seconds.

Now down by just one point, in case you missed it, this is how the Suns responded in those final seconds after PG's two misses at the line.

And 'Pandemic P' lives on. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports