Video: Jae Crowder Ejected For Mocking LeBron with Salsa Dance


As if the Phoenix Suns didn't already embarrass the Los Angeles Lakers in their six-game disposal of the defending champs... But was Jae Crowder also 'dancing on their grave'? 

Crowder can be seen doing the LeBron James Mountain Dew salsa dance late in the series clincher:

And he didn't seem to mind getting ejected for it, either, busting a quick route off the floor after getting tossed: 


And Crowder wasn't finished trolling LeBron. He took to Instagram today to play off LeBron's "It's all fun and games till the rabbit got the gun" tweet last month:

Anyone else starving for more of this LeBron/Crowder beef?  

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports