Lakers Fans On Fire After More Damian Lillard Cryptic Social Media Posts

Damian Lillard wants to be a Laker. That's the sentiment amongst Los Angeles Lakers fans after Lillard posted yet another one of his cryptic Instagram comments and pictures, this time taken on a court in Los Angeles with Lakers colors behind him, and a vague message that could be interpreted many ways:

"Who should I love?" It's a relatively non-descript comment, except when it's surrounded by the purple and gold colors on a court in Los Angeles. 

But wait — that's not all. He also retweeted a throwback tweet that commemorated his first game in the NBA — which was coincidentally against THE LAKERS.

Naturally, Laker fans are taking these hints to heart, and figure Dame is ready to join LeBron and AD in LA LA Land. 

With cryptic messages and salacious rumors, this is a drama that simply won't go away this summer. And we're all the better for it.  

Photo Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports