Sources: San Antonio Spurs Enter The Ben Simmons Sweepstakes

Add another entry to the list of teams "very interested" in swinging a deal for the much-maligned Ben Simmons. The Philadelphia 76ers continue to accept calls from a number of teams around the league, but the San Antonio Spurs might have more to offer than most.

There could be something here, as the Spurs' good young pieces are indeed numerable, including the likes of Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, and Keldon Johnson, plus draft capital.

And if the Sixers are intent on getting an established "star player" back in any deal for Simmons, perhaps a sign & trade could be worked out to get DeMar DeRozan back into the Eastern Conference. 

The Spurs' chances at working out a viable deal for Simmons are not far-fetched by any means; in fact, shortly after the rumors of a trade began, oddsmakers set the Spurs as one of the favorites to acquire him.

The Ben Simmons Sweepstakes just might come to a head in the next two weeks, with the NBA Draft set for July 30th. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports