Spencer Dinwiddie Wants $125 Million From the Nets to Return

Not sure whether to call this an ultimatum, but Spencer Dinwiddie has made it clear to the Brooklyn Nets what it will take to re-sign him as a free agent. And he's given the Nets 125 million things to think about. 

"This is very much in the Nets' hands, you feel me?" Dinwiddie said in an interview with Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated. "If they come to the table (and say) 'Hey we got 5 (years), $125 (million) for you'....There's a high likelihood that I go back to the Nets."

Dinwiddie missed almost the entire season with an ACL injury, after breaking out in 2019-20, becoming a 20 point scorer (20.6 ppg). 

The Nets, of course, have some big contracts on the books for the coming season,  with $112 Million dollars for this year alone tied up in the Big 3 of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. 

The New York Daily News is reporting that Dinwiddie "wants the bag or wants to go home" to play for one of his hometown teams in Los Angeles. 

According to the same report, multiple sources are suggesting the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat are in hot pursuit of Dinwiddie as well. 

Sounds like the Nets' guard has a lot of things to think about this offseason. At least 125,000,000 things. 

Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports