LeBron James Deletes Harsh Tweet Blasting Laker Haters


LeBron James vehemently called out Laker Haters on Twitter Wednesday night, but then deleted the tweet—twice—just about as quickly as he composed it.

The Los Angeles Lakers have made a slew of moves in the past week to remake their roster. Fans, of course, have been focused on the blockbuster trade bringing in 32-year-old Russell Westbrook and the signing of 37-year-old Carmelo Anthony. The "age" jokes have apparently hit a sensitive spot with the 36-year-old LeBron. 

“Keep talking about my squad, our personnel ages, the way they play, we’re past our time in this league, etc etc etc,” wrote James. "“Do me one favor PLEASE!!!! And I mean PLEASE!!! Keep that same narrative ENERGY when it begins! That’s all I ask."

According to this report, the Lakers have become not only the oldest team in the league, but one of the oldest of all time. After the re-signing of 20-year-old restricted free agent Talen Horton-Tucker, the team's average age was brought "down" to 31.4. According to the SB Nation report, that's older than the Tim Duncan-Manu Ginobili-Andre Miller San Antonio Spurs of 2015-16.

No word why LeBron deleted the tweet, but it's obvious that he'll be using this kind of "ageism" hate to fire him up all season long. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports