Top NBA Free Agents Still Available (And Possible Landing Spots)


We're almost a month out now from the Free Agent Frenzy that marked the first few days of August. With the dust cleared, there are still a few names available on the open market that could help a team in need of a certain talent. 

A look now at some notable free agents still up for grabs.

Paul Millsap

The 15-year big man can still be a help down low for any contending team, in limited minutes. He played a key role for the Denver Nuggets in recent years, as a respected veteran leader, at the defensive end, and as a spacer, hitting on 37% of his three-point attempts in his four years with the Nuggets. 

He's been tied most frequently with the Golden State Warriors, where he'd be a perfect fit with his defense and shooting. Other teams said to be in the mix include the Nets, Hawks, and Sixers. But according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Millsap is likely to take his time, maybe even until midseason. 

Dennis Smith Jr. 

Still only 23 years old, and once a 15 PPG scorer (in his rookie season with the Dallas Mavericks), it would be surprising if some young rebuilding team didn't take a chance on Smith Jr. 

Earlier this month, Mark Cuban left the door open to a possible Dallas reunion, saying “We don’t have (any open) roster spots yet. But if that changes, it's a conversation to have.”

J.J. Redick

The sharpshooting veteran is a career 41.5% shooter from behind the arc, and there isn't a team in the league that can't use that kind of perimeter scoring. He averaged 15 PPG as recently as 2020 with the New Orleans Pelicans. This past season was a bit of a write-off for the 37-year-old due to a heel injury. 

Like Millsap, Redick is expected to take his time making a decision, in fact he's made it clear he is in no rush. 

He says he'll "join a team at some point this season, finish the year, and try to get a chip." Rumors are already swirling that the Brooklyn resident could wind up with the Nets at some point this season. 

Avery Bradley

The 11-year veteran guard can play both the one and the two, and is a solid contributor at both ends of the court. Injuries are the thing that hold him back, however, as he's missed good-sized chunks of the past few seasons. 
Other free agent names still available include DeMarcus Cousins, Jeff Teague and Wesley Matthews. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports