Damian Lillard "Likes" Twitter Post Showing Ben Simmons as a Trail Blazer

Damian Lillard just loves to stir things up on social media any way he can. Today, he decided to "like" a Twitter post by a fan who photoshopped a picture of Ben Simmons in a Portland Trail Blazers uniform, on the court next to Lillard. 

That ought to stir things up. 

Dame has been very vocal about the Blazers needing a significant talent upgrade if they are to be competitive and become a real playoff threat. He has suggested that if they can't do it, he would start to think about his future with the team. 

"My intentions and my heart has always been set on being in a Trail Blazers uniform for my entire career," Lillard said. "But I think over time, you want to win it all. And I want to win it all in a Trail Blazers uniform. But we all have to be making strides toward that.”

"We all," as in, the Blazers organization. What strides are they making? Perhaps Lillard is intimating that acquiring Ben Simmons would be a big stride.

Simmons, of course, is the Philadelphia 76ers' talented (though shooting-averse) guard, who has demanded a trade out of Philly. The Sixers have made some ridiculous trade proposals over the summer, but now that Simmons has said he will not play another game for the team, perhaps GM Daryl Morey's price will start to come down. 

Maybe even into the C.J. McCollum range? 

Photo Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports