NBA In Talks For In-Season Tournament


Seeking to capitalize on a format that's proven extremely popular around the world, specifically in soccer, the NBA is once again discussing adding an in-season "tournament" in upcoming seasons. 

The NBA's Competition Committee talked about the proposal on a conference call on Monday. The idea discussed would feature $1 million per player in prize money for the winning team.

Taking his cue largely from European soccer which has been holding these types of in-season events for many years, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been fond of the idea of a mid-season tournament since at least 2016, and it was first floated officially nearly two years ago, with thoughts of making a final decision in April of 2020. But the pandemic put the kibosh on it at that time. 

The NBA said back then that a poll of fans showed that 68% were interested in an in-season tournament. 

The 2019 proposal looked at an 8-game "group stage", in which divisional games would be played, and counted towards the regular season standings. The six division winners after the group stage and two wild cards would move on to a Final Eight.  

No word as yet if this new plan features the same type of schedule. 

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports