Trade Rumor: Ben Simmons Getting Dealt to Minnesota Timberwolves

The Philadelphia 76ers would love to have Ben Simmons in their lineup coming opening tip in a month or so, but it does not sound like that's going to be the case at all. Simmons wants a change of scenery and he's likely going to receive his request. Rumors have Simmons heading to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for D'Angelo Russell.

This trade makes a ton of sense on a number of levels and seeing the Timberwolves make management changes now is certainly interesting. Both Simmons and Russell would compliment their new teams nicely and bring very different games to the table. Simmons has more size and would allow for Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards to get off a ton more shots, meanwhile Russell may be the combo guard with playmaking skills and a deep threat that the 76ers need to get over the hump in the Eastern Conference.

Keep an eye on these two teams as a deal could be going down in the very near future as both teams want things wrapped up before training camp.

Photo credit:  © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports